Snowflakes by Design

Snow Angels
Chocolate Houses
Tye Dying & Batiking
Design by Teresa

~ the snowman line
~ sock creatures
~ the funky stuff creatures line
~ paper mache
~ unique treats
~ retro
~ huge variety
~ Fashion design

“ My love of animals, real or stuffed, mixed with the love of snow, and my education in art & fashion, created my inspiration for my art creations. I have loved snow & snow people all of my life. I was born in a blizzard and that started me down the snow obsessed path. Since December is my favourite month, any of my limited additions will only have 12. But each creature will still be unique because each will be hand done. I also will make one of a kind per requests, if anyone wants a special creature made of a sock or piece of clothing special to them. I hope you love the art pieces as much as I loved creating them. ”
Thanks for tuning in,

Our mission: To provide unique & quality art pieces that bring a smile to their new owners.

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